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Techie News
Firefox to Support Chrome Extensions

Extensions are a popular way to add functionality to your browser, but just like app development, developers often have to make several different versions of their extensions for different browsers.
Apple is replacing the cameras on some iPhone 6 Plus handsets
Folk who bought an iPhone 6 Plus between September 2015 and January of this year might be eligible for a free rear camera replacement.

Hydrogen-powered iPhone 6 lasts a week without recharging
British company Intelligent Energy is reportedly working with Apple to create a hydrogen fuel cell system that could keep an iPhone 6 charged for a whole week.
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Gaming News:

Supreme Court will hear Microsoft’s appeal over Xbox 360 disc-scratching lawsuit
The class action lawsuit from way back in 2007 over Xbox 360 consoles scratching discs is still trucking along.

Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 173
Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight discuss Nintendo copyright, Oculus Rift, and more.

Metal Gear Solid fan remake looks lovely in Unreal Engine 4

If Konami ever gets around to remaking the first Metal Gear Solid game for the latest hardware, it might look something like this.

A final nail in the coffin of cloud streaming

Streaming gameplay from data centres was never a good idea, and now it's a dead one.

U.S. game designer released after over 4 years in Iranian custody
U.S.-born game designer Amir Mizra Hekmati has been released from Iran after being held in custody for over four years.

5 Delayed Games You Can Finally Play In 2016! - The Gist
Delays are becoming more and more frequent but here are five hotly anticipated games that finally have release dates for 2016!

Artist uses GTA V to investigate the motivation behind modern terrorism
Kill Screen
There is no logic to it, but it happens with enough regularity to be memorable.

Why Composer John Williams Knows More About Star Wars Than You Do
John Williams knows more about Star Wars than you do. I mean, not in the ‘who was R5-D4’s original manufacturer in the Expanded Universe’ sort of way. I mean narratively, and emotionally.

Akuma is likely coming to Tekken in Japanese arcades in February
It's official: Akuma is invading the Tekken world, and he's probably coming to Japanese arcades soon.

Holt and Mitchell shine, YouTube doesn't
Awkward "half-time show" and seemingly unconnected YouTube videos seemed to undercut

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