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Techie News
Official White House Position: We're Not Building A Death Star

About the only good advice I've ever given anyone about the way in which we spend our time on the interwebz was this: don't take any of it too seriously.
US denies Megaupload claim that it “planted” evidence
Megaupload recently claimed the US government indirectly "planted" evidence leading to the file-sharing site being shut down.

Why Did The Secret Service Take Over Aaron Swartz's Case Two Days Before He Was Arrested

Many have noted that the US Attorneys had made a new filing on the day that Aaron Swartz committed suicide. While the filing may look like just a standard procedural filing...
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Gaming News:

ECA Action Alert: Tell Congress That There's No Link Between Video Games and Real Life Violence
Let congress know that we already have a ratings / labeling system for video games: it's called the ESRB.

Ralph Nader Calls Video Game Industry 'Electronic Child Molesters'

Nader says the president is not doing enough about violent culture, gun violence.

City Becomes Interactive Gaming Experience
The Escapist
You can talk to your lamppost, your park bench, your storm drain, and they all talk back to you.

Gas Powered Games had "multiple" projects canned last minute by publishers

Chris Taylor "shocked" people are questioning his Kickstarter motives, too.

The Cave Review

Game Informer
Ingenious puzzles, tedious runaround, notes Game Informer review.

Reddit Founder's Death Puts Spotlight on Overprosecution

Courthouse News
Nearly a thousand people gathered to mourn and demand prosecutorial reform at a memorial for an Internet activist who committed suicide after he was indicted for computer fraud.

Five approaches to 'good' violence in games

Not all violence in video games is without purpose or meaning.

Minecraft series sales hit 20 million
Fueled by 9 million life-to-date copies of PC/Mac version, total franchise sales reach new milestone.

In-game micro-transactions alive in Dead Space 3
Ars Technica
Ability to pay for convenience can have troubling implications for game design.

Minimalist fighter Divekick connects with PS3, PC, Vita this spring
Iron Galaxy Studios is working its magic on a new game: the fighting game parody Divekick.


With a new Congress taking office, we’re asking you to email your Representative and Senators to set the record straight on video games and the fictitious link to real-world violence being propagated by lobbying groups and political pundits.
Let your voice be heard!


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