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Techie News
Obama Administration Threatens To Veto CISPA

Yesterday, the Guardian reported that the Obama administration officially opposed CISPA—but they also noted that there was no mention of the V-word. Now that's changed.
Phishing Scams: Clients liable
The German Federal Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that clients, not banks, are responsible for maintaining the security of validation codes for online transactions.

Breivik, The Press And The Ongoing Myth Of The 'Violent Gamer'

Anders Breivik's trial for the murder of 77 Norwegians had barely commenced before Breivik...
Game Jobs
Game Designer, Senior-IEB-Microsoft Studios-343 Industries-Halo (76570)
Redmond, WA
JobServe USA

Financial Operations Coordinator
Stamford, CT
Axiom Technology Group

Assistant Professor -Game and Interactive Media/Simulation
Orlando, FL
University of Central Florida

Upland Game Project Leader
Madelia, MN
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile/HTML5 (304262-787)
Norwalk, CT Incorporated

Game Designer, Senior-IEB-Microsoft Studios (784078)
Redmond, WA
JobServe USA
ECA Today

Gaming News:

Xbox Live: Great for Making New Friends, Setting up Drug Deals
Also, never get drugs through the postal service...

Report: Ron Paul Game Uses Assets From Other Games

Placeholder art or outright theft?

Another Day, Another Death Threat From Gamers to The People Who Make Video Games
Game developers talk about how threats are a part of the job.

What Congress doesn’t understand about net neutrality and online video

Not that Congress understands other issues..

By the numbers: in portable gaming, Nintendo's loss is Apple's gain

Apple is eating Nintendo's lunch in the hand-held market.

Op-Ed: On Mass Effect's Transparent Morality

MTV Multiplayer
Do your choices really matter at the end of the day?

Interview: Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director

The virtual city designer discusses hyper-reality, air ducts, and how precision can be the enemy of vision.

Boehner rebukes W. H. on CISPA veto threat
The Speaker of the House seems confused about what the bills does...

Sega explains Phantasy Star Online 2's bold free-to-play strategy
"Sega is the only maker that is willing to go this far," claims producer.

Liberals and Democrats Announce Rejection of ACTA
They will reject the controversial treaty because it is flawed, they say.


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