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Techie News
Does It Makes Sense To Charge Kids & Their Parents With Libel For Online Bullying?

There's been lots of talk about what to do about online bullying -- even if the amount and impact of online bullying is often massively exaggerated.
Unobtainium Will Save Us!
Some folks are worried about Peak Oil. Others are worried about "Peak Helium" when most of the Earth's resources of the lightweight element have vanished into space.

NYTimes Realizes That The FBI Keeps Celebrating Breaking Up Its Own Terrorist Plots

Over the last few years, we've noticed that nearly every victory the FBI celebrates...
Game Jobs
Game Designer, Senior-IEB-Microsoft Studios-343 Industries-Halo (76570)
Redmond, WA
JobServe USA

Financial Operations Coordinator
Stamford, CT
Axiom Technology Group

Assistant Professor -Game and Interactive Media/Simulation
Orlando, FL
University of Central Florida

Upland Game Project Leader
Madelia, MN
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile/HTML5 (304262-787)
Norwalk, CT Incorporated

Game Designer, Senior-IEB-Microsoft Studios (784078)
Redmond, WA
JobServe USA
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Gaming News:

Community Driven Modern Warfare 3 Petition Encourages Boycott of DLC
Fix the core game first, say protesters.

EA Calls on Consumers to Help Improve Origin

If you think Origin sucks, here's your chance to let EA know how to make the platform better.

See where GamesAid donations go
This video reveals what the UK games-related charity does with your donations.

Best Buy marketing chief departs

Barry Judge is the third senior executive to leave the company this year.

Brenda Brathwaite: Gaming for understanding

Video of this wonderful independently organized TEDx event.

Saints Row: The Third gets standalone expansion

Enter the Dominatrix adds super powers, alien invaders.

Game Informer June Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is finally being unveiled in the June issue of Game Informer.

What is CISPA? [Infographic]
Why you should be concerned about this legislation - with pretty graphics to make it easier to understand.

Facebook reveals IPO share price
Share price between $28 and $35 expected.

Before you crowdfund, read this
Crowdfunding comes with some potential pitfalls.


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The Art of Video Games
March 16 - September 30, 2012
Washington, DC

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SL Sci-Fi Con. 5
June 27 - July 1, 2012
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