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Techie News
Who Needs SOPA When Courts Will Pretend SOPA Already Exists?

We've seen a series of cases where trademark holders were going to court with a list of domain names that they insisted were selling counterfeit goods and getting the courts...
How much bandwidth does your office really need?
For an example of the problem, take e-mail. Of all the things that companies do with and through the Internet, e-mail is probably the most universal.

Admitted file-swapper begs Supreme Court for help

Tenenbaum's lawyer, well-known Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson, wants the Supremes to understand that the industry's "litigation assault" on people...
Game Jobs
Linux Engineer - Gaming
Norcross, GA
JobServe USA

Financial Operations Coordinator
Stamford, CT
Axiom Technology Group

Assistant Director/Site Editor
Washington, DC
American Psychological Association

Principal Unreal Games Developer
Raleigh, NC

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile/HTML5 (304262-787)
Norwalk, CT Incorporated

Embedded Software Developer
Ottawa, ON
JobServe Canada
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Gaming News:

Q&A: Meet The Beautiful People’s Club
Zach Wigal from Gamers Outreach sits down with another fine game-related charity called The Beautiful People's Club.

More Details on Rhode Island's 38 Studios Concerns

Taxpayers could end up being on the hook for over $100 million if 38 Studios fails.

WIRED Announces First-Ever WIRED LIVE
Disruptive ideas and innovation get showcased in Washington, DC November 15-18.

THQ dropping Devil's Third

Ninja Gaiden creator's next title will not be published through THQ.

Sony can’t get the experience right

Sony's got the console and the games, but some critical missteps keep it from being a smooth operator.

Free to Play: It’s Addictive. Should We Regulate It?

Law of the Game
The short answer is no, the long answer is provided by Law of the Game Blog.

Test Chamber: Max Payne 3

Four and a half stars should snap Max out of his depression.

Verizon to kill off grandfathered unlimited 3G data plans
Can you hear me screwing you over now? Good.

Paralyzed Woman Controls Robot with Her Brain
Cathy Hutchinson (who is awesome) can take a sip of coffee simply by thinking about it.

McPixel (Sos Sosowski) Demo Released
Mr. McPixel has 20 seconds to save the world and spends them kicking things between the legs.


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