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Techie News
RSA SecurID software token cloning: a new how-to

A researcher has devised a method that attackers with control over a victim's computer can use to clone the secret software token that RSA's SecurID uses to generate one-time passwords.
Guy Files Lawsuit To Strip Google Of Its Trademarks
We all know that "Google" has become a verb (i.e., "just Google it") but has it reached the point that it refers generically to all search?

Spy malware infecting Iranian networks is engineering marvel to behold

Researchers are still wrapping their brains around the mind-blowing "Flame."
Game Jobs
Manager, Gaming Systems Operations
St. Albert, AB
Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

Manager, Gaming Systems Development
St. Albert, AB
Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

Assistant Director/Site Editor
Washington DC
American Psychological Association

Business Development/Sales
Kansas City, KS
Airport Life LLC

Lead Programmer / Lead Developer
New Orleans, LA

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile/HTML5 (304262-787)
Norwalk, CT Incorporated
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Gaming News:

Activision Settles Lawsuit with West, Zampella, and Former Infinity Ward Developers
Details are thin, but it's all over.

Blizzard's Seoul Office Raided by Korean Government

The Korean Federal Trade Commission raided Blizzard's office related to Diablo III consumer complaints.

Epic set to announce new Gears of War title at Microsoft conference
You know you want it already.

Skyrim Dawnguard DLC: 29 screens from the trailer

Computer and Videogames
Get out the garlic garlands, holy water, and sharpened stakes.

Four Video Game Complaints We're Just Going to Have to Get Over

Don't worry, it will make you laugh at yourself and others.

How DRM Killed My Bioshock

A tale of woe from the land of Todd Braake.

Analysis on the Demise of Guys

A psychologist-in-training's look at the claims of Dr. Zimbardo.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre Kickstarter
A turn-based horror game that allows you to play either side of the haunting?

Opinion: Video game detractors becoming weaker, weirder
Some more thoughts on the whole 'porn & video games' are destroying the male population.

Dragon’s Dogma in Review
A paradox in a box.



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