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Techie News
New Jersey Transit's 'Text Against Terror' Program Exchanges $5.8 Million For ZERO Terrorists

The "War on Terror" continues unabated despite a lack of results. The grand (over)reaction to the 9/11 attacks has become a multi-billion dollar industry ...
South Park Sued Over Big Bad Lollipop
South Park is certainly no stranger to insane copyright lawsuits. Some time ago, they survived a suit over having character Butters...

My car is smarter than me—and I get better gas mileage for it

In some ways, the arrival of the car around 130 years ago represented a dumbing down of transportation. I'm not saying those early cars weren't impressive engineering feats; they were, and continue to be. But...
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Brand Ambassador
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Flash Game Developer
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DoubleDown Interactive

IT Support Assistant
New York, NY
United Nations Foundation

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Brooklyn, NY

System Administrator
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Segue Technologies
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Gaming News:

Adam Sessler Joins Revision3
Wondering where former G4 Editor in Chief of games content and X-Play host Adam Sessler went after leaving G4 last April?

Wii U Parental Control Details

Despite what those rascally anti-videogame folks would have you believe, all modern video game consoles have parental controls and the Nintendo's Wii U is no exception.

New Grand Theft Auto 5 screens show off world "five times bigger" than Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar boss argued against setting new game outside USA.

Dev Claims Wii U Has No Achievements Equivalent

The PS3 has trophies, and the Wii U has nothing.

Modern Warfare 3 and CryENGINE 3 Vulnerable?

Blue's News
Researchers have discovered what's called "a serious vulnerability" in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

How Microsoft Lit Up London’s Night Sky to Launch Halo 4

When you have as much marketing cash as Microsoft, you want to launch your new products in spectacular fashion.

Kim Dotcom Secures New Zealand Domain for Mega Service

PC Magazine
Kim Dotcom's followup to Megaupload will be hosted on a New Zealand domain, the beleaguered entrepreneur announced today.

Blizzard bringing Global Play to StarCraft II “in coming months”
Games On
Get ready to battle outside of your region, as Blizzard are promising that global play is on its way to StarCraft II soon.

Blizzard Sued Over Authenticators
The Escapist
Blizzard says it will "vigorously defend itself" against claims that it does not adequately safeguard its customers' data unless they pay extra for a authenticator.

Games Of October 2012: Assassin’s Creed III
The series’ take on the American Revolution has two critics divided.


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